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The Top Nonprofit Trends for 2024

As time goes on and technology advances, so does the protocol for how businesses run, and nonprofits are no exception. Experts predict that the way nonprofits operate will change. Here are the six expert-predicted nonprofit trends for 2024.

Digital Fundraising

Social media, email, and other digital modes of communication allow companies to reach a wider array of people. Digital fundraising is cost-effective, can be done year-round, and can target specific audiences. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is affecting all areas of life and business. In particular, AI will help nonprofits save time and money and generate fundraising materials. However, it is important not to rely solely on AI and add a personalized touch to all content. 

Personalized, Transparent Communication

The digital era can seem impersonal. Humans crave connection, and nonprofits will help nurture that while raising awareness of their cause. Nonprofits will personalize their campaigns to highlight donors’ interests and encourage community involvement. 

A lot of backlash has been felt concerning how nonprofits use and process donations. Nonprofits will also emphasize transparency and allow donors to see how their funds are utilized. 

NonProfit Partnerships

In 2024, we will see many nonprofits banding together for a cause. This allows nonprofits to make an even more significant impact and reach a wider audience. It can increase a nonprofit’s exposure while saving costs and creating a positive impact. 

Community Impact

With 2024 being an election year, nonprofits will focus on the community. They will emphasize causes that are important to their demographic and get involved. 

Cashless Donations

Digital payment is becoming the norm. Nonprofits will accept a variety of digital payment options, such as ApplePay and GoogleWallet, as well as alternative methods of payment, such as stocks and cryptocurrencies. 

2024 is a year that will bring a lot of change in many areas of life, and the way nonprofits run is no exception. Nonprofits must keep up with trends and technology to ensure their cause thrives.  To help make sure your nonprofit thrives and taxes are accurately filed, contact us today.